StreamCruncher - F.A.Q

Q) Why?

While I was working at BEA Systems, I had an opportunity to work on their "Event Generators". After my short stint there, I moved on to other things. Towards the end of 2005, I started noticing several ESP/CEP products and RFID solutions, which got me interested in Event Processing again. StreamCruncher started as a weekend hack, when I began reading some of the ESP/CEP Research material available on the Net. But I got so hooked on to it that for the next 12 months or so I kept working on it over weekends, late nights and sometimes on holidays too.

Nevertheless, all views expressed on this Website are my own, and not necessarily endorsed by any former or current employer.

Q) Why give it away for free?

By far, this has been the biggest and longest lasting project I've worked on in my personal time. I've tried my best to churn out something that is more than just a simple hobby project or a hack. I guess, the next step can only be taken after observing how the Community reacts to StreamCruncher. I also maintain a separate Hobby-site -

Q) Who designed the Website?

I got the basic template from nodethirtythree design. I've made several modifications to it and the modified version is Copyrighted.